How Oracles Foster Wisdom in Your Life

From the ancient Greeks to modern-day North Americans, people from cultures all over the globe have gained insight into many questions by using oracles. An Oracle is a simple technique for uncovering an answer to a question. Oracles as a divinatory practice, reveal guideposts for your life by helping you to tap into your unconscious mind, where your inner wisdom resides. Your unconscious mind is a storehouse of hunches, feelings, instincts, and other knowledge you can access through divination. Learn more about Oracles and how to use them in The World is Your Oracle.

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How Oracles Foster Wisdom

Everyday, we’re bombarded by advertising messages, expert advice, campaign promises, and opinions of every sort. Sometimes it’s hard to hear ourselves think. Instead, we need to listen to what Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs called “the whisperings” of intuition. According to Jobs, these wise flashes of inspiration will help us to be successful in an environment of rapid change, where analytical thinking no longer suffices. In fact, a gathering of $1500 corporate CEOs from around the world recently identified creative insight as the best strategy for dealing with a world that is volatile, uncertain, and complex.

Recent studies also show that to a large degree we reach our decisions unconsciously. Our unconscious mind constantly monitors our external and internal environments, and when it judges the information gathered to be important enough, it engages the conscious mind, and we become “consciously aware” of something. Oracles can put us in touch with our unconscious wisdom sooner, so we don’t have to wait out those times when our analytical mind is stuck in a rut.

On a more personal level, I’ve found that a good Oracle puts you in touch with yourself. It lets you discover your motivations, feelings, and thoughts about any question you’re exploring. It also helps by alerting you to your hidden wishes and fears—those aspects of your personality that might sabotage your conscious choices unless you take them into account. Once you’re aware of the beliefs that are operating beneath the surface of your mind! you can factor them into your decisions, just like any conscious thought.

Oracles can guide your life with a sure hand when you flounder. They can help you set priorities, meet challenges, and find creative solutions to your problems. At times, a divination can even point to an outworn habit that you need to discard or can encourage you to take a risk that you might have been too timid to tackle on your own. Oracles can provide information that you need, warn you of possible dangers, and inspire your professional and creative work.

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The World is Your Oracle Everyone has burning questions. Everyone wants to find answers. And everyone needs to know their own truth.
The World is Your Oracle will enable readers to craft their own questions, delve into their inner wisdom, and find the answers they need. This innovative divination book presents multicultural techniques from around the world–both ancient and contemporary–designed for each individual’s unique situation, desire, or intuitive style. Author Nancy Vedder-Shults, Ph.D., presents readers with information so they can select a technique based on what appeals to them in the moment, a technique that dovetails with their intuitive strength (kinesthetic, auditory, visual), or simply work their way through all the techniques for fun and self-awareness.