How to Sense Crystal Energy

Learning to sense energy from crystals is an important part of learning to properly use them. Developing this energetic sensitivity helps you to connect with your intuition as well as enhancing your personal relationship with your crystals. Below are tips for sensing crystal energy and your own energy. Find more about crystals in Crystals for Energy Healing.

A women holding a crystal in both hands, feeling the energy flowing from it.

Your Sending and Receiving Hand

The first step to learning to sense crystal energy is to discover which is your sending hand and which is your receiving. Although some ambidextrous people can sense energy equally in both hands, most people find they have one hand in which they feel energy more strongly. Typically, your receiving hand is your nondominant hand and it draws in universal energy. Your sending hand is your dominant hand (the hand with which you write) and moves energy out of the body and back out to the universe after the receiving hand has drawn it in. The process of sending and receiving energy is constant, but you can also consciously direct the energy flow, during healing and meditation, for example.


Sensing Your Own Energy Field

A simple way to become familiar with energy is to learn to sense your own. Start by rubbing the palms of your hands together to activate the tiny energy centers located here. Then draw your hands apart and slowly move them together, palms facing one another until you feel the quality of the energy shift or change. Continue moving your hands together and apart to become familiar with the feeling of your energy.

A silver shade crystal.

Sensing the Energy of Crystals

After becoming familiar with your own energy field, you can introduce a crystal. Hold a quartz crystal in one hand while performing the technique above. Notice any subtle differences in the way the energy feels—this is the energy of the crystal.


Amping Things up with Crystal Energy

If you find it difficult to feel the energy of the crystal in this way, hold a quartz crystal point in your dominant hand and point it toward the palm of your receiving hand. The energy in a quartz crystal moves from the base of the crystal toward the point. The termination, or point, should be about one to two inches from your palm. Begin drawing small clockwise circles with the crystal above your palm. Try to tune in and feel the energy where the circles are being drawn. You can also try moving the crystal point closer to your hand, then further away; note how this changes the sensation. Try making the circles larger or smaller, or even reversing the direction. How do the temperature, density, sensation change as you move the crystal in different ways? You may find it useful to make some notes about this in your crystal affirmation journal.

A blue/grayish crystal.

How Color Influences Crystal Energy

Another great way to start getting familiar with the subtle differences in crystal energy is to tune into the color vibration of your stones. Calcite crystals work well for this technique as they come in a wide variety of colors. Gather an assortment of at least three different-colored calcite stones and place them on the table in front of you. Pick up the first stone and hold it in your hands. Take a deep breath in, close your eyes, and tune into the stone’s energy. After a few minutes, open your eyes, and set the stone down. Repeat the exercise with each stone, noticing the changes in energy caused by the different colors. Perhaps make some notes about this in your crystal affirmation journal.


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