Can You Find Love in Your Birth Chart?

Love can be a great mystery. But, that mystery can be solved with the help of astrology! Relationship Astrology shows you the importance of the planets in your birth chart and how that can help you construct a complete picture of your relationship.april-elliot-kent-astrological-transits-chart-1

Love itself has a mysterious energy, and it’s hard for astrology to define or pin down that energy. Sure,
we can say that Venus is about pleasure and the love of self, and resting happily in the arms of another; or that Mars represents our physical desire and our instinct for penetrating the love of our partner, and so on. But the word love itself has as many different meanings as there are individual birth charts. It will mean one thing to you and something else to your partner—but trying to define it in one neat sentence, from the birth chart alone, is not what this book is about.
Instead, we’ll look at the mystery of love from many different angles. We’ll examine first attractions; the lofty heights of “fated” compelling attractions; the chemistry between two people; and the issues that arise when we get to know someone well. How do those issues develop? Well, when we first meet as strangers, we’re off to a good start simply because we’re a mystery to each other. Both people are free from inhibitions and don’t have “the power of knowledge” of the other. Once we start to unconsciously hook into the behavior of the other, or to react to his defense mechanisms, we drop our own guard and the battle commences. That’s when a little knowledge becomes a dangerous thing indeed. We know how to justify our desires; we know how to hurt our partner; and we know how far we can push her. We start to defend our space and to test the conditions of love rather than return to the unconditional love of the stranger.
This is why working with synastry, or astrological compatibility, can give you a more objective viewpoint not only of other people’s relationship “stuff,” but of your own, too. First, though, chapter 2 will give you a quick refresher course in the basics of astrology.

The Importance of the Order of Planets

Most astrology books feature a conventional order for looking at aspects between planets. They start with the sun, followed by the moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto—with each planet’s contacts to the others in that order. However, in this book, we’re going to do things a bit differently, not least since I believe that Saturn is one of the most important planets in the affinity chart. This revised order of planetary contacts is, according to my experience with synastry, the most effective way to observe what’s going on in the affinity chart and to construct a complete picture of the relationship and its various dynamics.

For the purposes of this book, then, the planets are ordered as follows:
The Rising Sign: The Attraction Factor
The Sun: Sacred Light
The Moon: Attachment and Need
Sun/Moon: Reflecting Each Other’s Light
Venus: The Heart’s Desire
Mars: Excitement and Libido
Venus, Mars, and Eros: Sexual Attraction
Saturn: Binding Love
Mercury: Meeting of Minds
Jupiter: Great Expectations
The Outer Planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto: A Twist of Fate, Illusion, and Power

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Relationship Astrology The Beginner's Guide to Charting and Predicting Love, Romance, Chemistry, and Compatibility

Discover the truth about you and your partner with this guide to synastry–the astrological art of relationship compatibility!

Why do we attract certain people to us, and why are we attracted to them? What planetary influence is going on when we first meet? Answer these questions with Relationship Astrology. Written for beginners and intermediate star-gazers alike, this in-depth guide to synastry (the astrological art of relationship compatibility determined by the comparison of two charts) includes all you need to know to set up an affinity chart between you and another. You’ll be privy to interpretations for every combination of planets, rising signs, and elemental energies to work out your affinity with a new admirer, lover, or current partner.

The book explores relationships from both a psychological and also mysteriously “fated” angle by examining affinity charts. The chart reveals important information, such as emotional needs, issues around sex or power, and whether the relationship is purely physical or primed for long-term love. You’ll learn how Venus, Mars, and the asteroid Eros define your sexual compatibility. You’ll read up on how Saturn signifies long-term commitment, often binding us to our mate in ways that have nothing to do with physical or romantic attraction.

From dizzy infatuation to sexual desire to long-term commitment or breakup, the Relationship Astrology guide reveals everything about relating and how to make your relationships work. Whether you’re already in love, still searching for a match, or in a long-term twosome, this book promises to help you discover the truth about you and a lover or partner.

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