3 Aromatherapy Recipes to Balance Your Equilibrium

Aromatherapy has been used to promote health for over a thousand years. The term aromatherapy was coined in the 1920s by a french chemist. Out of all of your senses, your sense of smell has the most direct connection to your mind. Aromatherapy can help ease your mind and help you relax. Here are three recipes to balance your equilibrium in the new year from Aromatherapy Kit.



Need some pep in your step?  This will lift the spirit and wake up the brain.


4 drops wild orange

4 drops peppermint

How to Use: Add to your diffuser, following manufacturer’s instructions.


Stress Relief


Calms the furious, diminishes anger, and replaces negative thoughts. Roman chamomile can have a strong smell so apply this away from your nose.


4 drops Roman chamomile

3 drops lavender

2 drops clary sage

2 drops geranium

1 drop ylang ylang

How to Use: Add to your diffuser, following manufacturer’s instructions.




When you’ve got to put in the hours, this will give you the power.


1 drop basil

2 drops rosemary

2 drops cypress

Then Add:

1/4 C (60ml) carrier oil, such as apricot or jojoba

How to Use: Combine all ingredients and use either in a room diffuser, air freshener, or by misting with a spray bottle.

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Essential oils are an all-natural way to bring about peace, calm, energy, and many other states of being. An alternative route to stress relief and preventative care, these oils can truly help heal.

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