Bosu Ball Crunch for Upper Abs

Toning your upper abs can be tricky. This Bosu ball exercise from Core Fitness Solution will help you get started!


The Bosu ball might be the lesser-known cousin of the stability ball, but it should never be overlooked. In fact, the Bosu is a much better tool for most people because it eliminates many slip-and-fall injuries that can occur when doing this type of training. Try the standard crunch on the Bosu for more range of motion and see the results.

“Slipping of the Bosu ball” is something that’s become a thing of comedy in a lot of gyms. Give it a good wipe before getting on it and make sure that your butt isn’t on the floor. If you’re finding that difficult, put a towel under your workout area to provide more friction while you’re sitting and crunching.


Lie on the Bosu ball in a standard crunch position so your spine is cradled by the ball and your feet are flat on the floor.


Crunch your upper body forward, but do not pull with your hands.


Beginner: Lower your butt closer to the rim of the Bosu ball (just above the floor) to make this crunch easier.


Advanced: Cradle a dumbbell behind your head and perform the crunch as described above to add intensity to this exercise.

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