5 Eye-Makeup Designs That are Perfect for Summer

“If you are looking to transform your look, I suggest you start with your eye makeup.

“By simply using different shades and colors of eye shadow, in addition to contouring and highlighting, you can make your eyes appear bigger, smaller, brighter, darker, and of course, give yourself that added pop that every girl is looking for. Whether you desire eye makeup that is simple enough for running errands, wild and bold for attending a costume party, or sufficiently elegant for a wedding, there is virtually no limit to what you can do with your eye makeup. By using the correct tools and techniques, plus a little creativity and patience, you can master any look.

“Your eyes are your palette!”

Here are five great summer eye-makeup designs from Kendra Stanton‘s new book, 500 Eye-Makeup Designs. Let us know which you like best!

Yellow Summer
Summer Pink and Blue
Burnt Orange Summer
Vivid Green Summer
Summer Mix

500 Eye Makeup Designs

500 Eye Makeup Designs is a collection of gorgeous eye looks for every occasion! From everyday “work-looks” that never get boring, to fantasy-inspired eye shadow with glitter and rhinestones, this guide provides amazing looks for breaking out of the neutral eye shadow-black mascara rut. Filled with designs for every skill and patience level, you can play up your most important feature with looks from different eras, a perfect smokey eye, theatrical looks, and even wild nature-inspired looks! With 500 Eye Makeup Designs, you’ll always have the stunning look.
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    As eye makeup is the most important part of your makeup, every woman should choose the best way that will make her eyes look wonderful. Being as simple as possible makes the eyes look great. For me I like Summer pink and blue eye makeup as it is the most simple one. Thanks for sharing these words and pictures.