Color in Your Very Own Peace Mandala

Now that we’ve introduced you to mandalas and mandala meditation, we want to take it one step further. 

Print out the black and white mandala provided in this post, courtesy of Coloring Mandalas for Peace, and fill it in yourself. The coloring process will serve as the meditation today, though you can always go back and meditate to the mandala you yourself created later.

Coloring Mandala

Each color has an energy and a meaning for each different person. My experience shows that everyone has their own history; each color speaks to each person differently. For some, red means energy, for others it brings to mind love or blood or pain.

Trust yourself to match colors beautifully. A cow can be green and a daisy can be multicolored! The experience you go through while coloring is more important than the result. It can also be a rewarding experience to complete a mandala with little cut-out or drawn characters, or write a few words or sentences within it. Some mandalas are very simple, so this is a means of personalizing them even more.

Black and White Peace Mandala
Black and White Peace Mandala


Coloring Mandalas for Peace


Soothe your mind, body and spirit with mandalas! A mandala is a drawing organized around its center. It is a universal form that is often found in nature in things like flowers, spider webs, the solar system, or a human cell. Because of its shape and the way it is designed, mandalas allow your eye to rest in the center while taking in the beauty of the whole object. Complete with 200 mandalas in Coloring Mandalas for Peace in a variety of themes, you will soon be finding relaxation and inner peace.

Armelle Troyon is a teacher specializing in network support. She returned to school to study different fields of psychology and devote herself to personal development. Having always been passionate artistic creation, she discovered the Pre Mandalas in 1992. Since 2009, she has been creating albums of Mandalas for children and adults and provides training and conferences in different areas. She also has musical training in voice and piano.