Use This Walking Meditation to Help You Reach Your Goals

There’s something to be said for approaching life as a series of small challenges rather than big insurmountable obstacles. That’s why we immediately responded to this walking meditation exercise from The Best Meditations on the Planet, a best-selling book that is now available in an easy take-along card form. We love that it pairs physical and mental exercise, too.

Pursue Your Goals One Step at a Time

An eight week study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania in 2007 determined that meditation improved participant’s ability to prioritize and manage their tasks and goals. As Richard J. Davidson, PhD, a researcher and neuroscientist at the University of Wisconsin who has been studying meditation’s effects for two decades, explains, “Meditation can help you train your mind in the same way exercise can train your body.”

This walking meditation draws upon the saying “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (attributed both to Taoist sage Lao Tsu and to Confucious). Use it to help you reach your goals.

Walking Meditation

1. Take a walk to a destination you have predetermined. Ideally your destination should be one you are confident of reaching, but the walk should offer a few challenges (hills, for instance).

2. Begin walking at a comfortable pace. Hold your goal or objective in mind as you walk. Pay attention to each step you take. Feel the path beneath your feet. Sense the sun on your shoulders, the breeze on your face. Notice your body’s motions, how your muscles work together to take you where you want to go. With each step, see or sense yourself moving closer to your goal.

3. As you approach hills or other places along your walk that challenge you, equate them with the challenges you face in pursuing your goal. You know you can master these challenges, just as you know without a doubt that you can walk to the top of the hills. Each time you crest a hill (or other challenge), feel a growing sense of strength and confidence.

4. Release any uncertainty or anxiety about achieving your goal. Just as you are confident that you will be able to reach your destination on this walk, know that you will be able to reach the life goal you have set for yourself.

5. Don’t rush or push yourself too hard. As you continue steadily putting one foot in front of the other, know that you can reach your goal in life by taking it one step at a time. Stay present as you walk. Even though you are headed toward a specific destination, enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and other experiences along the way.

6. Continue walking until you reach your destination. When you arrive at your journey’s end, acknowledge your success in achieving this aim. Feel a sense of accomplishment and pleasure at having reached your destination.

7. Connect your present feeling of accomplishment with what it will feel like when you achieve the life goal you’ve set for yourself.

Meditations Card Deck

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