Tips for Storing Game Pieces and Fun Facts About Board Games


While it is always fun to get new board games for the holidays, one of the biggest challenges is keeping track of all those game pieces. If one piece goes missing it can often throw the entire entire game off track.

Here are some great tips for using common household items to store game pieces, from Joey Green’s Book Rainy Day Magic.



Clorox Bleach Jug: To make a carrier for game pieces, with adult supervision cut a hole in the side of an empty, clean Clorox Bleach jug opposite the handle.

Cool Whip Tub: Never lose dice, cards, playing pieces and small toys again–by storing them inside a clean, empty Cool Whip canister and sealing the lid shut.

Huggies Baby Wipes Box: Store loose dice, cards, game pieces, puzzle pieces and small toys in an empty Huggies Baby Wipes box.

Kleenex Tissues Box: A decorative Kleenex box, when empty, makes an excellent container for storing game pieces and playing cards.

Pringles Can: Use an empty Pringles can decorated with contact paper to store game pieces.

Scotch Packaging Tape: Fortify the corners of game and puzzle boxes with Scotch packaging tape.

Ziploc Storage Bags: Store game pieces in a Ziploc bag so they don’t get lost.



(What we love most about Joey Green’s books are all the strange facts that uncovers about different household items. Here are some highlights from his strange facts about games.)

Almost every ancient culture independently developed the game of marbles
As early as the 17th century, British children played a game in which a lit candle was placed in the middle of a room and the players tried to jump over it without extinguishing the flame. The game inspired the nursery rhyme “Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jumped over the candlestick.”
In the game Monopoly, the most money you can learn in one turn—playing under normal game rules—is $5,070. The most money you could conceivably lose in one trip around the board—going to jail only once—is $26,040. The game, however, comes with only $15,410.
The word in the English language that scores the highest number of points in Scrabble is quartzy, which scores 164 points if played across a red triple-word score with the Z on a light blue double letter square. The word quartzy scores 162 points if played across two double-word squares with the letters Q and Y on those squares. The word scores an extra fifty points for using all seven letters in one turn.


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