The Pros and Cons of Traditional Nail Polish + One Cool Design Idea

As anyone who has been to a pharmacy or beauty salon can tell you, there are plenty of choices when it comes to decorating your nails. In addition to a myriad of colors, shades and styles, there is also traditional polish, wraps and gels to consider.

Amber-Elizabeth Stores’ book, “Glam Nail Studio: Tips to Create Salon-Perfect Nails” is an amazing guide to the world of nail polish. In addition to being packed with tons of great ideas for unique nail polish designs, it is also a great guide to the world of nail care products.

Here is what Stores has to say about the pros and cons of traditional nail polish, and be sure to keep reading for a super cool nail design idea.

By now, you know and love your nail polish. And luckily, we live in an era where we have access to more colors and texts than ever before. I don’t know a single girl who doesn’t own at least one bottle of polish, even if its only clear.


♦ Touch up chips on the go
♦ Easy to find (Every pharmacy, discount store, beauty supplier, and most supermarkets carry some brand of polish)
♦ An inexpensive way to wear designer labels
♦ Unlimited colors available, with more coming out each day
♦ Easy to maneuver, which makes it great for nail art

♦ Long drying time (It takes about 12 hours for polish to FULLY dry)
♦ Smudging
♦ Fumes
♦ Too many chemicals
♦ It’s difficult to paint your dominant hand
♦ It’s difficult to keep polish from getting on your cuticles

TRY THIS: Camouflageglamnailstudiocamouflage3

The traditional military design was created to blend in with its surroundings, but this nail art design will most definitely stand out.


Base coat
Base color polish in army green
Nail art polish in black and two shades of green
Top coat


  1. Apply base coat and two coats of color polish in army green. Let dry.
  2. Apply the darker green shade in a few horizontal blobs, traveling from the side wall across the nail plateglamnailstudiocamouflage2
  3. Apply the lighter green shade in varied squiggly horizontal lines
  4. Repeat with black nail art polish
  5. Apply top coat and let dry

Here are some color combos to try:

♦ Army green, sage green, copper and mauve

♦ Light blue, dark blue, black and gray


Celebrity manicurist Amber Elizabeth Stores brings the salon straight to your living room in this graphic, information-packed guidebook, working from the inside out, Stores starts Glam nail studiowith research-supported advice on which foods to eat and products to use for optimal nail health. Next up she gives a basic introduction to the kinds of equipment you’ll want to have on hand, explaining how and why each tool is used. She’ll then delve into the vast world of nail polishes, illuminating the differences between base coats, ridge fillers, strengtheners, sealers, and more. Included in her polish tips is a unique guide to selecting the perfect colors based on your skin tone, style, and the season. Polishes are followed by a chapter on nail shapes—what they “say” and how to attain them. A chapter on the “Not-So-Basics” takes the salon experience to the next level, with tips for electric manicures, hot oil manicures, paraffin waxes, and more. The “Queen of Shellac” goes on to share her top secret tips for acrylics, gels, and myriad effects (marbling, dotting, fading color, glitter dust, to name a few) in the second to last chapter. The book’s grand finale is a collection of stunning, fashionable photography showing how artful and fashionable nails can be—and inspiring an infinite array of ideas in the reader.