Six Tips for Organizing Movies and Music

My girlfriend and I are currently in the middle of a multi-stage overhaul of our apartment in an attempt to cut clutter and find a home for everything. So far, it’s been going pretty well.

We’ve added new furniture to the family room, created a new filing system for our paperwork, and even added some shelving to the bedroom so we could free up some bureau-top space.

But we’re still having some trouble getting our music collections under control. Since we’re both big music fans (OK, music hoarders), we’ve been collecting CDs for as long as they’ve been making them.

So it was great to find professional organizer Susan C. Pinsky’s tips for organizing movies and music. Pinsky, the author of “Six Tips for Organizing Movies and MusicThe Fast and Furious 5-Step Organizing Solution” takes a no-nonsense approach to cutting down on clutter.

Here are her suggestions for getting control of those unwieldy movie and music collections…

Friends don't let friends stack CDs in messy piles on top of the TV.
Friends don’t let friends stack CDs in messy piles on top of the entertainment center.
  1. Don’t reinvent the wheel. A simple bookcase makes CDs and DVDs easy to remove and restore. (That’s why video stores use them).
  2. Reject categories of “jazz” or “action movie.” A roughly alphabetical system is a simple no-fuss solution that allows everyone to easily and independently locate and file their choice.
  3. Eliminate dated media systems. If you have DVDs, the VHS tapes should go. If you can order movies through your cable server, DVDs should go.
  4. Eliminate duplications. If you’ve copied your CD onto a computer, back it up and donate the original.
  5. Remember that you are not the video store, Use a lending library or rental system for DVDs, and let retailers manage the headache of their storage and organization.
  6. Keep in mind “time: clutter. Although downloading music eliminates CD clutter, there is still a price to be paid in “time” clutter.


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