Summer Activities: Flower Garden Fun!

During the sunny summer months, gardens burst with colorful flowers and plants. Why not cultivate your green fingers and start a garden of your own? Even if you don’t have backyard space, you can brighten up the inside of your home with potted flowers for an equally fun summer project! Check out our previous post for a quick recap on how to grow a plant in a container or pot.

Planting flowers is a great activity to take up with kids because it offers a glimpse into the complete life cycle of a living organism (hello, biology!). Starting from seed and following a plant’s progression into bloom shows kids how similar plants are to humans. As the picture book My Sunflower demonstrates with it’s pop-up illustrations, plants require necessary care and nutrition in order to grow tall, strong, and healthy – just like us!

My Sunflower

Although gardening is wonderfully educational and fun all year long, summer is the ideal time to begin a flower garden. Most flowers show peak growth between June and August due to the warm weather, and you’ll soak up as much Vitamin D as your flowers if you garden in the sun. If you’re looking to start a summer flower project with your little one, we’ve gathered together a list of easy, beautiful blooms to get you started.

  1. Marigold: Not only are marigolds easy to grow, but they also grow fairly quickly, which is ideal when planting with kids. Marigolds are great for a first potted plant – simply place the seeds in your container full of potting soil, keep the container in sunlight, and water twice daily!
  2. Daisy: Although you can easily plant daisies both inside and outside, these flowers are ideal for a garden because they reproduce after being picked! Kids can pick the blooms for other fun projects like weaving daisy crowns or arranging bouquets.
  3. Sunflower: What says summer better than a row of sunflowers? These bright yellow beauties are perfect for a summer garden project because they can withstand heat and drought conditions. Both beautiful and impressive-looking, sunflowers can grow up to 16 feet tall!
  4. Purple cone flower: If you’re looking to attract some insect friends with your garden, purple cone flowers are the way to go! Butterflies and bees love this variety of flower, also known as Echinacea. This is a great opportunity to see pollination in action!
  5. Nasturtium: These easy-to-grow flowers are great for containers and outdoor gardens. Nasturtiums are fragrant, colorful, and edible, so go ahead and sprinkle some petals on top of your next baking project or add the flowers as a pretty garnish to your summer dinners.

Whether you plant marigolds or sunflowers, in a container or out in the sunshine, have fun witnessing the journey from seed to flower! Check out the excerpt from My Sunflower for a glimpse into what’s in store for your own flowers.

Excerpted from My Sunflower

My Sunflower

My Sunflower

Designed by: Martin Taylor
Illustrator: Mar Ferrero
Format: Hardcover, 16 Pages
ISBN: 9781633220843

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