3 Common Chicken Facts that are Actually Fiction

The spreading of bad information is an unfortunate regularity with social media these days. You can read something on any blog or website and a lot of people take it as true without checking the facts or asking for proof. There has been a lot of false information about how to properly take care of chickens shared over the internet.Below are 3 common chicken facts and fictions to help you know what’s true. Get more chicken facts and fictions in Chicken Facts or Chicken Poop.

The shape of the egg does not determine its gender.

“Pointy egg = rooster. Round egg = hen.”

Poop. The question of the shape or weight of an egg as a sign of the sex of the chick within has been asked many times for many species. Things to consider are the incubation period, the conditions under which the egg incubates, and the age of the hen that has laid the egg. Another study from Turkey, one with a larger sample size, found no relationship between the shape index of the egg and the sex of the chick that hatches. As it stands with chickens, research has indicated that there is no correlation between the shape of the egg and the sex of the chick inside.

Chicken eating some grit

“Provide quality grit, and there is no need to worm your chickens.”

Poop. Grit will not remove internal parasites from the gastrointestinal tract of a chicken.

A chicken getting a shot

“Giving a Marek’s vaccine booster will help the birds later in life against Marek’s.”

Mainly poop. Big picture, a booster shot will not hurt your chickens, but it will not help either, meaning you are wasting money and time by vaccinating your birds against Marek’s disease later in their lives. That being said, vaccination against Marek’s disease constitutes an outstanding example of successful disease control in veterinary medicine. It is only efficacious if the vaccine is done in ovo or subcutaneously within one day. After one day, those birds should be considered “vaccinated improperly.” Work with your feed store or hatchery to make sure they give Marek’s disease vaccines at the proper time.

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