10 Minute Water Training Game for Your Dog

Training your dog can be challenging and time-consuming; that’s why games are an effective tool for training! Games make training fun for both you and your dog. If you’re fortunate enough to live in a warm climate where taking a dip is still an option, here is a water training game to build your dog’s confidence in the water.

It’s important to note that you should not put your dog in the water, but let them walk in. Placing your dog in water will serve only to increase a fear of water. Get more games in 10-Minute Dog Training Games.

Weenie Bobbing Water TrainingA dog slowly stepping into an empty wading pool, trying to get some pieces of a hot dog.

  1. Show your dog that you’re tossing a few hot dog slices into an empty wading pool. Toss at least one hot dog close enough to the edge so that your dog can get it without stepping into the pool. Keep encouraging your dog until he has the confidence to step into the empty pool.The pool has about an inch of water and the dog is going in after the hot dog pieces
  2. Add just an inch of water to the wading pool and repeat the exercise. Praise your dog for any advances he makes. If your dog is reluctant, place the wading pool on a slight slope so that the upper half of the pool is dry.The trainer is getting the dog to walk through the water in the pool by leading them with a treat.
  3. Add more water to the pool and encourage your dog to jump in with all four feet! Use a treat in your hand to get him to walk through the water.Add some more water and see if your dog will put their face in to get the treat
  4. Some dogs learn to “dive” for treats and can pick them up from the bottom of the pool. They even blow bubbles from their nose when they submerge their faces.

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