3 Hardy Annual Flowers for Your Cut Garden

For those not in the know, a cut garden (also called a cut patch) is a plot of your garden used specially to grow flowers you plan to cut and arrange. They’re often beautiful annuals used to decorate your home, a gift for your mom, or even a wedding bouquet.

Flowers from your cut garden are the perfect replacement for the blooms you’d buy at a floral shop or supermarket, plus they bring the added sense of pride that you grew them yourself. After all, who wouldn’t want to decorate their home with flowers they grew themselves? Here are a few annuals to think about as you plan next season’s cut garden.


Larkspur are tall, with flowers blooming along half of the stem.

An annual plant similar to a delphinium, larkspur is perfect for the cut flower patch. It is a smaller plant than its perennial cousin, with more delicate foliage and flowers, and is a more prolific flowerer. Its tall slender stems are covered in buds, with the flowers opening gradually from the bottom upwards. They have an excellent vase life of up to two weeks – more if you can keep them somewhere cool.

Floral Tip – Tall spires of flowers to add height to your arrangements.


Love-in-a-MistThese beautiful flowers are perfect for any cut garden.

The name love-in-a-mist alludes to the flowers held on stems among a haze of feathery, fennel-like foliage. This quintessential cottage garden plant, which has been grown in Britain since Elizabethan times, actually originates from the southern Mediterranean, the Balkans, and North Africa. It’s native countries give an indication as to the growing conditions it prefers – well-drained, light soils and full sun.

Floral Tip – This is a romantic flower, perfect for weddings.



Sunflowers are good because they add some bright color.

You’ve certainly seen these on the roadside or in sprawling fields. Sunflowers are easy to grow and the large, bright cheerful flower heads cannot fail to make you smile. It is worth choosing the variety carefully, particularly on a small plot, as some are much more suitable for cutting than others. There are both annual and perennial types, but annuals are the ones you want on your cutting patch.

Floral Tip – This bright and cheerful flower is always nice addition to any arrangement.

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