Up-cycling Wine Bottles in the Garden

Cacti and succulents are great plants for just about any type of environment and container. One receptacle you might not have thought to put plants in are old wine bottles! If your recycling is filling up, don’t worry, we have a project for you to upcycle those wine or liquor bottles.

Wine bottles actually make a great container for certain types of cactus and succulents. Because of their compact size, they are perfect for small apartments. Put them on a bookshelf, on top of the fridge, or even suspended in front of a window!

Below are the best types of plants and all materials needed to up cycle your wine bottles. You will need to cut the bottles, but don’t worry, a glass cutting tool can be bought at any hardware store for about 5 dollars. Get more fun projects in Planting Designs for Cactus and Succulents.

A wine bottle in a stand, filled with beautiful succulents.


Crassula dubia

Crassula ‘Tom Thumb’

Jovibarba heuffelii

Crassula marginalis rubra variegata ‘Calico Kitten’

Kalanchoe tomentosa – Teddy bear

Crassula perforata variegata

Senecio acaulis

Crassula argentea ‘Gollum’

Crassula ‘Mini Kitty’


Crassula platyphylla

Pachyveria glauca ‘Little Jewel’

Senecio scaposus

Crassula lycopodioides – Watch chain


Empty wine bottle or pre-cut wine bottles

Small rocks or gravel

Cactus potting mix or regular potting soil

Decorative river rock, moss, or sand

Dark horticultural sand (optional)

Three wine bottles on their side in a stand, filled with cactus and succulents.


1. Place your bottle garden on the stand or in a location that will not allow the rounded bottle to roll or shift.

2. Add small rock or gravel to the bottom for better drainage.

3. Add cactus soil mix.

4. Plant several small, slow-growing cacti and succulents. Haworthia and Sempervium species are good choices.

5. Finish with decorative river rock, moss, or sand.

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