What’s Your She Shed Style?

How do you know if a she shed is right for you? Here’s a question that might help you decide: would you like to have a space just for you, a place to create, garden, play music, work, gather, practice yoga, read, and simply feel transported? (Hah, trick question! Who doesn’t want a getaway space like that?)

Now that you’re a prime candidate for creating your own she shed, what would it look like? Figure out your shed style along with author Erika Kotite, as she takes readers inside a collection of personalized she sheds that reflect the spirit and pursuits of the women who built them in She Sheds: A Room of Your Own.

Do-Over Gardening Shed

she shed gardening trellis

An L-shaped workbench provides workspace for serious potting pursuits. Shelves were built below the bench to store pots and tools. Large windows on all sides let in plenty of light. The couple also found free salvaged wood, which they used to build the benches. Weiss chose a blue paint for her workbench as a contrast to all of the white walls and ceiling.

  • Type: Restored
  • Size: 11×22 feet
  • Time to Build: Two months
  • Cost: $500

she shed gardening potting shed

Builder’s Note: Don’t think dainty when it comes to gardening shed work surfaces. Weiss used two coats of durable wood floor paint on her workbenches to help them withstand the heavy use of a potting shed.

An Artist’s Studio

she shed artist's studio

Jenny Karp’s she shed reflects her Hawaiian background and the rustic ranch that her mother was raised on. Wide French doors open onto a spacious room with painted plywood floors.

  • Type: Custom (A Place to Grow/ Recycled Greenhouses)
  • Size: 10×12 feet
  • Time to Build: Nine months
  • Cost: Approximately $10,000

she shed window natural light artist's studio

The shed’s construction includes large windows on both sides and in the back and a double French door in the front. Karp sourced the windows for free from a friend’s barn.

An Old-Soul Rustic Retreat

she shed rustic retreat

Perched on the edge of a canyon, Lundbeck’s pine-clad she shed is part guest bedroom, part family gallery. The French doors open fully for an indoor/outdoor experience. Sheers can be pulled down to help screen out insects.

  • Type: Custom
  • Size: 10×10 feet
  • Time to Build: Two and a half months
  • Cost: $1,000

she shed rustic retreat

A comfortable day bed commands the interior space, and it is surrounded by shelves and a faux mantel filled with framed photographs of Lundbeck’s family. Lundbeck made the bed pillows using lace, crocheted doilies, and buttons from her grandmother’s collection.

La Casita

she shed

A rich charcoal paint on the exterior gives the shed some gravitas. The shed was born out of two small, extremely dilapidated sheds on Morse’s property.

  • Type: Restored
  • Size: 10×25 feet
  • Time to Build: Five months
  • Cost: $17,000

she shed bedroom

All of the furnishings are things Morse owned, found, salvaged, or had given to her. The walls are painted bright white.

she shed porch and small bathroom

Left: A stunning chandelier that Morse made from shells hangs over the main living area of her shed. The sofa serves as her bed when she stays here. Handsome wood flooring is mostly original, painted black. Above the beams, a former air vent now serves as a small window. Right: The dainty sink was found buried beneath another old shed on the property. Morse cleaned it up, added a ticking skirt, and put it in her small bathroom. Flooring is vintage hexagon tile.

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Erika Kotite is an editor, writer, and content developer in both print and digital media. She was editor-in-chief of Romantic Homes and Victorian Homes for many years, bringing that experience to producing books for Sterling, Quarry, and Walter Foster. Some of her titles include, Felt Fashion: Couture Projects from Apparel to AccessoriesBlogging for Bliss, and The Daily Book of Photography. Currently, Erika leads the Beauty Group at Bobit Business Media, overseeing multiple sites for nail artists and salon owners. Erika lives in Huntington Beach, California with her husband and three children.