How to Grow a Crystal Garden at Home

Learn how to make your own crystal garden using just a few common materials (and some safety goggles), thanks to the Mother Earth News Almanac.


  1. Wear safety goggles. Get yourself a brick, cover with a cloth—so the fragments won’t fly up—and use a hammer to wallop the brick into walnut-size pieces. Then arrange the more artistic of the shards in the center of a 6-inch-wide dish or shallow bowl.
  2. After that, mix—in the following order—four tablespoons of plain (not iodized) salt, four tablespoons liquid bluing, four tablespoons water, and one tablespoon of ammonia. CAUTION: Ammonia can be harmful and children should use it only with adult supervision. 
  3. Stir the mixture until the salt dissolves and pour it over the pieces of brick. Then, with an eyedropper, drip spots of food coloring onto the damp lumps. That’s it. In a few hours your garden of wispy, coral-like crystals will spring up in tints and shades of the coloring you used. Handle the dish gently and the fragile growths will delight you for weeks.


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