Think Like A Proton & Stay Positive

Calling all science nerds! We have the PERFECT thing for you. With quotes included from famous scientific thinkers including Leonardo Da Vinci and Marie Curie, impress your peers with these forward thinking postcards.


Periodic Thoughts is the perfect combination of eye catching art that will also help you embrace your inner nerd. With each card designed using different elements from the Periodic Table of Elements, these 30 different postcards are the perfect way to send your friends and family a letter, as well as impressing them with all your newfound scientific knowledge. So what are you waiting for? At this rate, you could become the next Isaac Newton!


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Periodic Thoughts 30 Postcards for Your Inner Science Nerd

“We are in the universe and the universe is in us.” – Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Sometimes you just need to talk science, and what better way to say, “hey,” to a fellow nerd than with these perfect Periodic Thoughts postcards. Embued with scientific quotes and laws, each card is designed using different letters from the Perdiodic Table of Elements.

A perfect gift for geeks, nerds, and science lovers, these smart 30 pull-out postcards are held together in perfect binding, so the cards are easy to tear out with no rough edges. Printed on sturdy, heavyweight paper, each card will stand up to the atomic weight of whatever you have to say.