The Power of Women – How Will You Make History?

Change is in the air. 2017 was a historic year for women, and 2018 is shaping up to be equally impactful for women, girls, and making a difference.This March, in honor of Women’s History Month and the International Day of Women, Quarto Knows presents, The Power of Women—How Will You Make History, highlighting our female authors and illustrators, as well as books about historic women across a myriad of industries.

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Week One: Women Empowerment

Pauline Weger - Headshot Photo (1)

Q&A with Beautifully Said authors Pauline Weger and Alicia Williamson


A closer look at our Little People, Big Dreams series!


Be a boss at work with these tips from Womanskillswomanskills-for-friendship-quarto-explores

Advice on friendships from Womanskills

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An Inside Look at I Know a Woman

Beautifully Said: Dorothy Day

Learn more about Dorothy Day


Empowering Girls and Teens to Be The Change


Learn more about Joyce Brothers

Beautifully Said: Debbie Sterling

Learn more about Debbie Sterling


Week Two: The Creative You

Author of The Art of Brush Lettering

Q&A with The Art of Brush Lettering author Kelly Klapstein


Learn to Sew a Cape for Your Super Kid!


Q&A with Women Design author Libby Sellers


Try this fun Paper Marbling Project from STEAM Lab for Kids


Learn about designer Aino Marsio Aalto


Learn more about jewelry designer, Monique Péan

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Interview with Ultimate Slime Author Alyssa Jagan

Excerpt from I Know a Woman-Claude Cahun

Learn about photographer Claude Cahun


Draw Yourself on a Badass Babe Wanted Poster



Giving Kids a Way to Express Themselves Through Hand Lettering and Art

Week Three: Change Makers in History


A profile on Junko Tabei, the first women to ever reach the summit of Mount Everest


The woman who influenced Einstein: Emmy Noether


Read the inspiring story of Ida B. Wells


Liz Heinecke Tells the Story of Rachel Carson


Recipe for a cocktail inspired by Ruth Bader Ginsberg

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Author Jackie Leigh Davis talks about Women in the Circus

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An Inside Look at Ella Queen of Jazz


Learn more about Qing Dynasty Astronomer Wang Zhenyi


The story of NASA mathematician Katharine G. Johnson.


Poetry for Kids – Female Poets Who Have Made History


Week Four: Women Author Spotlight

Author of Cooking With Nonna--Rossella Rago

Q&A with Cooking with Nonna author Rossella Rago


Make Rossella Rago’s Nonna Romana Focaccia Bread

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Jamia Wilson: Young, Gifted and Black

Erika Kotite_headshot

Power of Women – She Sheds author Erika Kotite

Author of Superhero Sewing Projects--Lane Huerta

Q&A with Superhero Sewing author Lane Huerta

Author of The Wellness Garden--Shawna Coronado

Q&A with The Wellness Garden author Shawna Coronado

Author of Badass Babe Workbook

Q&A with Badass Babe Workbook author Julie Van Grol


Q&A with Starry Skies and Enchanted Castle author Samantha Chagollan


Q&A with National Parks of the USA author Kate Siber – a Conversation about Adventurous Women