How to Draw Basic Flower Shapes

Have you ever wanted to render nature realistically?  Now you can draw the beauty of botanicals with The Art of Botanical & Bird Illustration, starting with learning to draw basic flower shapes.

There are many shapes and sizes of flowers. The easiest way to understand them is to break them down into the basic shapes. Below is a sample of common flower shapes.

Flower shapes, The Art of Botanical & Bird Illustration

a. Funnelform – funnel
b. Salverform – tube
c. Campanulate – bell
d. Urceolate – urn
e. Cruciform – cross
f. Coroniform – crown
g. Alate – wing
h. Tubular – disc
i. Ligulate – ray

eye level, The Art of Botanical & Bird Illustration

below eye level, The Art of Botanical & Bird Illustration

below eye level 2, The Art of Botanical & Bird Illustration

Once you begin to see different flower shapes, it’s important to keep in mind the angle or viewpoint from which you are looking. In this example, I’ve placed a tulip at three different viewpoints. The flower can be described as a basic teacup shape. As the viewpoint gets lower, the interior of the flower becomes more visible.

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