Q&A with Superhero Sewing Author Lane Huerta

Lane Huerta is a mom and the owner of Lovelane Designs, a noted independent maker of imaginative, silk-screened playwear. Her book Superhero Sewing teaches you how to help your kids look the part for their imaginative play with 20 sewing projects in five playful themes. We got the chance to talk to Lane about the importance of handmade items and how she started Lovelane Designs.

Author of Superhero Sewing Projects--Lane Huerta

How did you get your start in clothesmaking, and in particular, playclothes?

I’ve always been a creative person, but clothesmaking, and playclothes as a result, came about by circumstance. I had established my business in screen printing and was working primarily in home products and small goods when the idea came from watching my daughter create her own costumes from items around our house. I wanted something custom suited to her that she’d reach for time and time again. I knew it had to be classic and well made, and naturally decided I should create it myself.

Why are handmade items are important for families in this day and age?

Handmade items are better for the planet, and they teach children in particular the importance of quality. A handmade item, whether purchased or made yourself shows the time and care invested into the small or local businesses that created it, or into the time you spend with your family putting it all together. I think it brings families closer, to have an outlet that brings them together, especially if it’s a creative activity for all parties to participate in.

How beginners can get started in sewing?

Sewing, like any venture, has levels of difficulty and it’s not scary to dive in. The easiest projects don’t even involve any sewing at all! Simple materials such as felt or canvas make for easy projects and are typically inexpensive enough that you can choose a million options and mistakes are never the end of the world. The important thing is to begin and have fun with it.

Giant thanks to Lane for taking the time to chat with us! Find out more about her book below and get a sneak peak at a project here.

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Superhero Sewing Playful Easy Sew and No Sew Designs for Powering Kids' Big Adventures--Includes Full Size PatternsHelp your kids look the part for their imaginative play with Superhero Sewing and bring superheroes, pirate captains, wizards and more into your living room.

Superhero Sewing presents easy sewing projects for encouraging and satisfying your child’s love of richly imaginative play. Lane Huerta, a mom and the owner of Lovelane Designs, a noted independent maker of imaginative, silk-screened playwear, shares her creative know-how and adapts her charming designs for sewers and other crafters.

Following an overview of essential materials, tools, and techniques, Superhero Sewing offers 20 projects in five playful themes – heroes and heroinespiratesfairiesmagicians, and animals – with color palette suggestions for both boys and girls. Each project is marked with a level of difficulty — no sew, easy, or intermediate — and two full-size pull-out patterns sheets are included.

Whether you have a young heroine that needs cuffs that give her super strength, or a pirate sea captain that needs his hat specially madeSuperhero Sewing has plans for ever situation.