Fold an Origami Hummingbird in 12 Easy Steps

Learn the ancient Japanese art of paper folding and fold an origami hummingbird in 12 easy steps from Origami Animals Super Paper Pack!

Hummingbird Finished, Origami Animals Super Paper Pack

1. Begin by folding the basic form

Hummingbird 1, Origami Animals Super Paper Pack

2. Fold the old crow  through Step 5.

3. Fold the flamingo through Step 4. Open the left and right flaps as shown.

4. Fold the bottom tip up as shown.

5. Fold the flap back down, leaving a small gap.

Hummingbird 5, Origami Animals Super Paper Pack

6. Your model should look like this. Fold the bottom tip up again, leaving a gap about four times the size of the gap you left in Step 5; then fold it back down, leaving a gap similar to the one you left in Step 5. Repeat these folds on the flap until you run out of space.

Hummingbird 7, Origami Animals Super Paper Pack

7. Your model should look similar to this. Flip it.

8. Fold the outer corners of the top flap down and toward the center of the model as shown.

Hummingbird 9, Origami Animals Super Paper Pack

9. Fold your model in half vertically and reorient it so it looks like the following diagram.

10. Pull each pleat down and to the right, and then pinch it to secure it in position. See the next diagram for a clearer explanation.Hummingbird 11, Origami Animals Super Paper Pack

11. Fold the left tip down and to the right. This fold is made just ahead of the thickest layers of paper, so you can feel where it belongs.

12. Outside reverse fold the fold you made in Step 11. Your completed hummingbird should look like this.

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