How to Test and Pre-Shrink Fabric

Are you interested in sewing your own clothes? Learn the tips and tricks of how to test and pre-shrink fabric from Sewing Knits from Fit to Finish and create your one-of-a-kind garment now!

Testing and Pre-shrinking

Cut a 4-inch (10 cm) square of the fabric and throw it in the washing machine along with other laundry and wash it in hot water and dry it, too. Then measure the laundered square to see how much it changed. Some knits will shrink in both directions, others in one direction only. This will help you determine if you need to preshrink the entire fabric yardage before cutting out the pattern and best way to launder the finished garment.

Prep Fabric 1, Sewing Knits from Fit to Finish

Washing knit yardage usually results in some distortion of the grain. Off-grain knits can rarely be straightened, so you will need to decide if perfect grain (a stripe, perhaps) is essential.

You may decide to preshrink the fabric using the hottest settings, but treat the finished garment differently. You might want to wash the finished garment in milder settings or even hand wash and air-dry it. This helps the fabric wear better and last longer.

Dry cleaning is always an option for any knit. One particular fabric, wool-jersey might benefit from dry cleaning. If you want to keep the original look and feel of wool jersey, then it definitely should be dry cleaned. Washing it will shrink and felt it, turning it into a completely different fabric.

Prep Fabric 2, Sewing Knits from Fit to Finish

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Sewing Knits From Fit To FinishDo you ever look at the price tag on a piece of clothing and think, I could sew that myself? Well, sew do we!

Sewing your own clothes is rewarding and cost-effective, plus it’s an enjoyable creative skill to develop. Sewing Knits from Fit to Finish gives you the instruction you need to sew soft knit fabrics using professional techniques. This comprehensive reference book from expert Linda Lee includes methods for both conventional sewing machines and sergers, and it includes precise construction notes and how-to photos along the way.

Sewing Knits from Fit to Finish eases readers into the subject by teaching how to identify the different types of knit fabrics available and helping them select the ones that best suit their sewing projects. From there, the book introduces readers to sewing patterns for knit fabrics and teaches how to tweak those patterns to fit specific measurements. After that, Sewing Knits from Fit to Finish moves step-by-step through the sewing process, including all of the following:

-Preparing fabric before it’s cut
-Transferring pattern markings onto knit fabrics
-Organizing a garment’s construction
-Sewing seams and selecting seam styles
-Utilizing stabilizers and inserting closures
-Sewing a hem and selecting a hem style
-Adding embellishments to create a more unique garment

Imagine an updated wardrobe that you have total control over. Sewing Knits from Fit to Finish makes that dream a very possible reality. Not only that, the book reveals a few shortcuts and troubleshooting tips to ensure a stress-free sewing process. So jump on the sewing bandwagon! Once you learn how to sew knit-fabric pieces, you’ll wonder why you ever bought them.