Easy Faux Calligraphy for Your Valentine’s Day Cards

Have you been wanting to create beautiful calligraphy but don’t have the proper utensils for it?  Use The Art of Brush Lettering and create easy faux calligraphy for your Valentine’s Day cards!

A very popular way to imitate brush lettering is called faux calligraphy. “Faux” is the French word for “fake” or “false,” and I think “faux” sounds much nicer! Using a regular marker or pen, you create fake thick down-strokes simply by drawing and filling them in.

h, The Art of Brush Lettering

You can actually be quite skillful with this technique, and it can be difficult to tell the difference between fake and real brush lettering. Let’s take a look at this example and try to guess which one is fake and which is written with a brush pen.

faux,The Art of Brush Lettering

Placing the Downstrokes
Where do you draw the thick downstrokes? There are varying opinions of how to add the extra thickness to letters. Some artists draw the extra lines on the inside of the original letterform, while others draw it on the outside.

a, The Art of Brush Lettering

I find myself doing both, depending on which looks better visually, but the rule of thumb is to maintain the integral structure of the letter. This is probably most noticeable when drawing the letters with ovals. So, generally, I add my lines to the inside.

a cafe, The Art of Brush Lettering

I highly recommend practicing the alphabet first before moving on to words. When I do faux calligraphy, I write out my words with a pencil first. Then, still using a pencil, I add the extra lines to create the thick down-strokes. When I’m happy with the result, I trace over my pencil lines with a good fine-tip permanent pen and then fill in the downstrokes. I like the Sakura Pigma Micron pens that come in different size tips. After waiting awhile to make sure the ink is dry, I erase all the pencil lines.

faux faux faux, The Art of Brush Lettering

It’s also fun to write faux calligraphy without filling in the interior spaces and leaving the downstrokes as outlines.

calligraphy, The Art of Brush Lettering

Any color of pen or marker can be used, not just black, for both writing and filling in the downstrokes.

latte, The Art of Brush Lettering

Here’s a sample lowercase alphabet with dotted lines drawn to indicate where you draw the faux thick downstrokes.

alphabet, The Art of Brush Lettering

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