Floral Watercolor Monogram

Learn to create a floral watercolor monogram with Lettering with Purpose!

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a beautiful, hand-lettered floral watercolor monogram. These make wonderful personalized gifts for family and friends, as well as custom home décor or personalized stationery.

Monogram 1, Lettering with Purpose

Begin by loosely sketching the letter of your choice in pencil. There’s no need to be precise; simply get the general shape of the letter down on the paper.

Monogram 2, Lettering with Purpose

Lightly erase the pencil sketch so that you can just barely see the lines as guides.

Monogram 3, Lettering with Purpose

Choose a color palette for your piece, and begin painting loose flowery shapes within the guides of the letter. Don’t worry about whether the shapes actually look like flowers at this point. Once you add definition they will! I like to start in the middle and work outward for this step. Remember to change your water cup often, so the colors don’t get muddy.

Monogram 4, Lettering with Purpose

Once the base layer of flowers is dry, choose darker shades to layer on top to create definition. Use lines, dots, and other small flower or star shapes. If you’re unsure what to add on a particular flower, I find that small dots in the center always look great!

Monogram 5, Lettering with Purpose

Add leaves throughout for a nice pop of green. I like to take a less- is-more approach here and add leaves sparingly. Once the base layer of the leaves dries, go over one half of each leaf with a darker shade to add definition. Here, I mixed a small amount of brown with my original green color to create a darker tone.

Monogram 6, Lettering with Purpose

Fill in any empty white space with light brown to give the piece an earthy feel. Allow the paint to fully dry, and you’re done!

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