How to Draw a Kawaii Succulent

Succulent Complete, Kawaii Doodle ClassThe Japanese word “kawaii” translates to cute, which is exactly what this succulent is! Follow the simple step-by-step instructions from Kawaii Doodle Class to draw your own adorable succulent.

Succulent 1, Kawaii Doodle Class

1.Draw an incomplete oval.

Succulent 2, Kawaii Doodle Class

2. Draw curved lines from the sides of the oval.

Succulent 3, Kawaii Doodle Class

3. Draw an oval around the base of the teacup.

Succulent 4, Kawaii Doodle Class

4. Draw a large smiley mouth from the sides of this oval for the saucer’s base.

Succulent 5, Kawaii Doodle Class

5. Draw an ear shape for the handle, then draw a smaller, parallel ear shape.

Succulent 6, Kawaii Doodle Class

6. Draw 4 upside-down V-shaped leaves of varying heights.

Succulent 7, Kawaii Doodle Class

7. Draw a second layer of leaves between the first layer.

Succulent 8, Kawaii Doodle Class

8. Draw a third layer of leaves.

Succulent 9, Kawaii Doodle Class

9. Decorate your plant and teacup! I added some antennae-looking elements to my plant and a large stripe to my teacup.

Succulent 10, Kawaii Doodle Class

10. Draw a cute face, of course!

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