Mirroring Marker Art

Creative Marker Art and Beyond shows you how to transform everyday objects into interesting pieces of art. Follow the steps below to turn a simple mirror into marker art!

paint markers finished, Creative Marker Art and Beyond

Drawing directly on a mirror using a limited color palette creates a beautiful, eye-catching, and useful piece of art. You’ll need to use permanent paint markers to make marks on a mirror’s smooth, shiny surface. Choose water- and abrasion-resistant paint markers, and your mirror will last the test of time … and the many admiring looks cast its way!

Tools & Materials
– Colored pencils in roughly the same colors as your markers
– Scratch paper
– Paint markers (I used Edding’s Gloss Paint markers)
– Mirror

paint markers 1, Creative Marker Art and Beyond

Step 1 Use colored pencils to sketch out your design. Do you want to fill the mirror, or would you like to create just a decorative border? Which colors do you plan to use? I chose a limited color palette and decided to add highlights once I finished the main part of my design.

paint markers 2, Creative Marker Art and Beyond

Step 2 Grab your paint markers and the mirror, and refer to your sketch before adding the flowers’ main elements. Paint markers are great for layering, so there’s no need to add light colors first. Add colors in any order you like.

TIP:  You’ll want to work quickly when drawing with paint markers, as they don’t blend well once dry.  Similarly, make sure the paint is dry before going over it with another color.

paint markers 3, Creative Marker Art and Beyond

Step 3 Add the stems and then the leaves.

Now take a close look at your composition. Is it different from your original composition? If so, you might want to add some extra flowers or leaves to balance it out.

paint markers 4, Creative Marker Art and Beyond

Step 4 Once the base layer is completely dry, add a secondary color to the flowers.

paint markers 5, Creative Marker Art and Beyond

Step 5 Now add details to your drawing to finish it up. Try adding veins to the leaves, petals and stamens on the flowers, and embellishments like stars, dots, and small leaf and petal shapes. Anything goes!

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