How Many Ways Can You Draw a Bike?

Think of your favorite mode of transportation.  Now, can you think of 20 ways to draw it? 20 Ways to Draw A Bike inspires us to illustrate all kinds of transportation methods including the bicycle.

bike 1, 20 Ways to Draw A Bike

20 Ways to Draw a Bike and 44 Other Incredible Ways to Get Around is a celebration of transportation and is designed to help you observe, see, and draw in a fun and interactive way. There are forty-five different themes throughout the book, each one exploring a dif- ferent way to travel, from bikes and boats to scooters and surfboards. This book will challenge you to look at the varied lines, marks, and shapes that bring these items to life and will give you ideas on how to approach your own drawings.

bike 2, 20 Ways to Draw A Bike

There are forty-five modes of transportation in this book and each one contains twenty examples, all drawn in a different way. Some spreads may have all of the drawings on one page leaving the other page free for you to fill with your own drawings. Some pages have spaces in between to add your own drawings.

bike 3m, 20 Ways to Draw A Bike

Start with your own bike or scooter or car—or draw your friend’s. Look at these drawings for ideas, or draw the vehicles you imagine in your head. Visit a train yard or a bus stop and bring your sketchpad along. Remember that there is no right or wrong way to work in this book. Just do it. Don’t worry about mistakes! The most important thing is to have fun!

bike 4, 20 Ways to Draw A Bike

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20 Ways To Draw A BikeThis inspiring sketchbook, part of the 20 Ways series from Quarry Books, designed to offer artists, designers, and doodlers a fun and sophisticated collection of illustration fun. Each spread features 20 inspiring illustrated examples of 45 themes – cars, trains, scooters, unicycles, surfboards, sailboats and much, much more–over 900 drawings, with blank space for you to draw your take on 20 Ways to Draw a Bike and 44 Other Incredible Ways to Get Around.

This is not a step-by-step technique book–rather, the stylized submarines, helicopters, and rockets can are simplified, modernized, and reduced to the most basic elements, showing you how simple abstract shapes and forms meld to create the building blocks of any item that you want to draw. Each of the 20 interpretations provides a different, interesting approach to drawing a single item, providing loads of inspiration for your own drawing. Presented in the author’s uniquely creative style, this engaging and motivational practice book provides a new take on the world of sketching, doodling, and designing.

Get out your favorite drawing tool, and remember, there are not just 20 Ways to Draw a Bike and 44 Other Incredible Ways to Get Around!