What is Scratch & Create?

Are you an avid adult coloring book fan? Do you love to doodle? Like scratch tickets? We have just the thing for you! Our new Scratch & Create series helps to unwind your mind and release your creative side. Each page includes metallic ink layered over beautiful drawings or unique colorful backgrounds. By using a special stylus, you can scratch away at the coating, uncovering full color finished artworks, or you can create your own designs. Each page is perforated, making it easy to display your scratch art, or give them as gifts! Take a look at some awesome scratching examples below.

Scratch & Reveal

gif (15)

In Scratch & Create: Wild Garden and Scratch & Create: Enchanted Forest you’ll etch and scratch your way through 20 enchanting, full color designs with our specially designed stylus. Each page is postcard sized and perfect to send to a friend!

Scratch & Inspire

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Scratch & Create: I Love Hand Lettering and Scratch & Create: Hand-Lettered Life are great for both hand lettering pros and newbies. Freehand your own quote or use the stencil pages to get started. Each sheet comes with unique and colorful backgrounds which will show through your design.

Available this fall – click below to preorder your copy today!


Scratch & Create: Hand-Lettered Life

   Scratch & Create: Wild Garden

   Scratch & Create: I Love Hand Lettering

   Scratch & Create: Enchanted Forest


Stay tuned for more Scratch & Create titles coming in December!