Create You Own Freehand Brush Script

Looking to create your own font? Use a brush pen to create your very own freehand brush script with this tutorial from Hand Lettering A-Z.


Following a modern script style, Freehand Brush Script is a loose font based on cursive handwriting. There are no specific thick and thin strokes, but there are exaggerated parts on some letters, such as a crossbar and tail. Using a brush pen helps achieve the rustic and organic look of the strokes, resulting in a dry-brush effect.


Before starting on a script font, warm up by making random strokes with the brush pen. This will help you decide how you want to grip your pen as you work. Brush pens come in various sizes and types; the one I used for this font was ink-based.


Use a pencil to sketch freeform uppercase and lowercase letters. These will serve as the basis for your brush pen strokes.


Trace over the pencil marks with the brush pen. The brush pen lines do not have to follow the pencil exactly. Depending on the pressure you put on the brush pen while writing, the outcome of the letters may be thick or thin. The goal is to make the letters loose but still cohesive. There are no specific measurements since this is a freehand script style.


When the letters have dried, erase the pencil marks. As you begin to write quotations in this font, you can choose whether you want to connect the letters, cursive-style.


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