Paper Pyramid Pouches

Looking for a fun and creative party favor? Learn how to make these adorable and fun paper pyramid pouches in Paper & Tape: Craft & Create!

paper pouches, Paper & Tape

Cute triangular paper pouches are an easy but impressive way to wrap up small treats. Candy, confetti, tiny toys, and sweet notes will be well received when packaged in a pretty pyramid. Washi tape plays well with all kinds of paper, but I’m especially smitten with how it combines with origami paper. So many pretty patterns to choose from…so many fantastic combinations to try!

• Origami paper (6″)
• Scissors
• Washi tape

paper pouches 1, Paper & Tape

Step 1 Fold a piece of origami paper in half. Then unfold, and cut along the fold line.

paper pouches 2, Paper & Tape

Step 2 Join the two short edges of the rectangle together to form a tube. Secure with a piece of washi tape, and trim the tape ends.

paper pouches 3, Paper & Tape

Step 3 Position the tube so that the taped seam is in the center. Flatten one end, and fold a piece of washi tape over it. Trim the tape ends.

paper pouches 4, Paper & Tape

Step 4 Fill the pouch with the desired items. Then rotate the pouch so that the taped seam is facing the side. Flatten the open end of the pouch, creating the pyramid shape. Seal with a piece of washi tape, and trim the tape ends.

paper pouches finished, Paper & Tape

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