Painting Playful Flowers

Spring is officially here! Celebrate the occasion by painting some playful flowers from Painting for the Soul.

playful flowers 6

Today was a happy day—the first rays of the sun tickled me awake early this morning, and the smile has not disappeared from my face since. Therefore, I’ve decided to paint a bright, colorful summer picture.

– 1 blank stretched canvas, rectangular
– Acrylic paints in cerulean, yellow, orange, titanium white, and magenta
– Round brush with synthetic bristles, large
– Household sponge Black India ink
– Bamboo quills (or shish kebab skewers or small sticks)

playful flowers 6, Painting for the Soul

Dip the sponge in cerulean and dab paint on the canvas. Dab in layers of white, adding in more white gradually as you work farther down the canvas. This creates a nice even gradation of color. Allow time to dry.

playful flowers 2, Painting for the Soul

Paint the first white petals with the round brush and a generous application of paint. Place each thickly painted petal closely next to one another in a circular pattern. Without washing the brush, dab orange and yellow into the center with the tip of the brush.

playful flowers 3, Painting for the Soul

Add two more white flowers of different sizes near the first. Load the brush again, this time with magenta, and paint more flowers in the shapes of spirals, small dots, or whatever you please! Allow time to dry.

playful flowers 4, Painting for the Soul

When the flowers are dry, use the quill and ink to add the stems and outline the flowers for greater impact. Using a quill and ink allows you to have a bit of fun, as you can draw, drip, drizzle, and spatter the ink to charming effect. The vitality of India ink distinguishes your flower stems from perfectly drawn or painted lines. There are no limits to the creativity and fun you can have with this project!

NOTE: If you are unsure about using India ink, take some time to practice using it on paper first. If you prefer your lines to be more controlled and orderly, simply use a fine-line marker or another type of waterproof black ink pen instead.

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