What is Dot Art?

You can create beautiful art that starts with just a dot! This gorgeous art form might look easy, but it takes a lot of patience. You can use colored pencils, watercolor paints, markers, or gel pens to create your dotted masterpiece. Learn a bit more about dot art and practice making your own beautiful butterfly with the template below from Lots of Dots.


At first glance, dotted drawings may look simple. Making one, however, requires you to learn a few key things about them. Creating dots takes a lot of time and patience, but it is a simple way to create a lovely picture, even if you have never drawn before. There are many ways to create dotted drawings, but depending on the motif of your drawing, the material you choose to use, and the effect you want to achieve, you need to know just a few rules to make it work. When working on many types of artwork, it is important to keep an idea of the final image in your mind so you can plan your strategy. This is not the case when working on dotted drawings. You can make as many mistakes as you want and easily fix them—or you can even use them to make your drawing more interesting.

In this book, I have included forty templates on perforated paper for coloring, to get you started before you attempt to create your own dot drawings from scratch. These templates are organized into three categories: Easy, Intermediate, and Advanced. I have also included a Gallery, showing completed versions of the coloring templates. The empty circles on the templates are each outlined in a predetermined color to help guide you with your color choices. In these templates, I have mostly based the color choices in reality, where I was inspired by nature. Feel free to deviate from my suggestions, but be careful! In my experience, I have found that the natural color combinations are usually the most powerful. If you think that you have chosen the wrong color, don’t try to fix it! Continue working on the drawing and see what you think of the final result!

If you are still disappointed with your color selection, add small dots of different colors around the colored dots you are unsure of—this simple step can change the entire nature of your drawing.

A general rule when working with dot art is always to start with the lightest shades and the largest dots. Also, it is always better to work on the drawing as a whole, coloring groups of dots, rather than just filling in one dot in a section and moving on to another section.


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Lots of Dots

Create beautiful art that starts with a dot.

Learn about an easy, approachable technique for creating beautiful, eye-catching art with Lots of Dots. Combining the ideas of coloring, doodling, and hand-lettering, this technique is easy and relaxing as well as allowing you to tap into your creativity.

Lots of Dots shows how to use dots of different sizes and colors to incorporate a pronounced sense of whimsicality into a piece. In turn, this playfulness helps to bring subjects to life as they pop off the page in a succession of vivid hues and dotted forms. This technique is perfect for beginners and for artists who want to explore a new style.

Approximately 20 pages of introduction give step-by-step instructions to create images of increasing complexity. Introductory pages also include over forty thumbnail images that can be used as inspiration.

The book includes templates that are lightly drawn with shapes outlined; the templates include animals – birds, sea life, butterflies, cats, owls; flowers and botanicals; motifs such as decorative borders, mandalas, sun, moon, and hearts; and people. Lots of Dots is printed on paper that will withstand markers, gel pens, colored pencils, crayons, and watercolors, so you can use any medium that inspires you.