Warm and Cool Echo Flowers

Are you looking for a fun art project to do with your kids?  Let their imagination leave a mark with Sharpie Art Workshop for Kids. The book includes creative ways to use Sharpie, like this echo flower project using warm and cool colors!

Echo Flower, Sharpie Art Workshop for Kids

Creating “echo lines” is great practice for young artists. Cheryl Trowbridge, who helps adults share the joy of art with kids, shows how to use this technique to make beautiful art with warm or cool color patterns.

Project Checklist

  • Pencil
  • Drawing paper
  • Black fine point Sharpie marker
  • Cool and warm colored markers

echo flower 1, Sharpie Art Workshop for Kids

1. Draw a simple flower in the center of your paper. Be sure to include a stem and some leaves.

echo flower 2, Sharpie Art Workshop for Kids

2. Draw parallel lines that “echo” the shape of your flower, spacing them about the width of a pencil apart. Continue until they touch every edge of your paper.

echo flower 3, Sharpie Art Workshop for Kids

3. Choose a color scheme for your drawing. You could choose warm colors (red, yellow, orange) as shown here, or cool colors (blue, green, purple), as shown opposite. Be sure to color neatly and fill in all the white areas.

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