Sketching Seams, Notches, Darts, and Stitching

Clothing is the first statement you’ll make when entering a room.  The construction of the garment tells a story, so it’s important to get it right when sketching it. Sketch and Go: 5-Minute Fashion Illustration shows you how to master the basics of fashion illustration.

garment, Sketch and Go: 5-Minute Fashion Illustration

The placement of elements is really important when you’re drawing garments. To get a realistic illustration, you will need to add these in. Observe the seam lines (where the fabric is sewn together), notches (these show where fabric is sewn together), darts (a wedge-shaped seam that fits around curved areas), and stitching (especially if there are any decorative patterns in the stitching). Also consider that if you’re looking at garments on a hanger, these elements will appear very different than when they’re actually on a person.

stitches, Sketch and Go: 5-Minute Fashion Illustration

Garments have some common vertical seams that you can use as guidelines. A seam down the center of the garment is called the center front seam. The seam down the side of the garment is the side seam. A seam halfway between the center front seam and the side seam is the princess seam. For horizontal guidelines, garments have the neckline, which is usually at the base of the neck, the bust, the waist, and the hip. These fall at the corresponding guidelines on your figure.

It’s important to know where muscles and bones are in the human body so that you can figure out how fabrics should take shape. If you feel like you are unfamiliar with this, get in front of a mirror and try different garments on. Take a look at how they drape on you, and observe all of the details to become more familiar with how to draw them. Also, move yourself into different poses and observe how the fabric moves. If you’re unsure of the material, always look at the label to learn what the garment is made of and see how it behaves and where it bunches.

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5-minute-fashion-illustrationFrom the suburbs to the subway, Sketch and Go: 5 Minute Fashion Illustration shows you how to capture fashion anywhere and everywhere.

Fashion is fast and furious, and fashion illustrators need to work the same way to keep up with the latest trends. Part technique, part sketchbook, Sketch and Go: 5 Minute Fashion Illustration is ideal for beginners looking to learn tips and tricks for sketching fashion illustrations, both quickly and on the go. First, you’ll learn basic fashion illustration skills and practical techniques for inspired “live fashion sketching”.

Once you’ve conquered the basics, you can sketch your own collection on the 500 pre-printed model templates. Featuring a variety of different poses, these templates allow you to get down to business and sketch your designs right away, without worrying about drawing models. The sketchpad pages are specially designed so that they can be photocopied without the templates, leaving just the fashion sketch! In need of inspiration? Don’t worry! You’ll also find an inspirational gallery of four-color illustrations from fashion designer and illustrator, Emily Brickel Edelson. So what are you waiting for? Get sketching!