Drawing The Female Figure for Fashion

Drawing the human figure can be daunting, so where do you begin? The basics of course! Draw Fashion Now shows you how to draw a female figure in this step-by-step guide, with tips on keeping your figure proportionate so you can sketch the latest runway, street or even red carpet fashions.



Welcome to your first draft! This is a female figure from the front, standing in bare feet, not posing, so she is symmetrical. This draft will show you how to build a proportional framework for your figure. You can use the completed draft as a reference image for proportions or as a template for technical drawings.


2B pencil
Pencil sharpener
Kneaded eraser
Translucent layout paper or tracing paper

Figure 1, Draw Fashion Now


A  Draw a vertical line through the center of your page. Place the figure in the center of the page, drawing two marks 8″ (20 cm) apart. Leave margins at the top and the bottom of the figure, to give your drawing space.

B  Divide the space between the top and bottom marks into eight equal 1″ (2.5 cm) sections. Draw a horizontal line at the lowest mark for the floor.

Figure 2, Draw Fashion Now


A  In the top section, centered on the vertical line, draw an egg shape for the head, with the pointed end at the bottom.

B  Centered on the third mark from the top, draw a trapezoid for the rib cage and shoulders. Make it wider at the top than the bottom.

C  In the fourth section from the top, draw another trapezoid for the hips. Make it wider at the bottom than at the top.

Figure 3, Draw Fashion Now


A  Draw a horizontal line at the third mark from the top to guide breast placement.

B  Equidistant from the center, draw two circles on that line for the breasts.

C  On either side of the hips, draw two small trapezoids for the backs of the hands.

D  At the bottom horizontal line, draw two small trapezoids on either side of the center for the front view of the feet. The bottom of these shapes is wider than the top.

Figure 4, Draw Fashion Now


A  To guide eye placement, draw a horizontal line through the center of the head.

B  Halfway between the eye line and the chin, mark the tip of the nose.

C  Halfway between the nose and the chin, mark the opening of the mouth.

D  Just above the fourth mark from the top, draw a dot for the navel. At the same level, between the hands and the shoulders, draw two small marks for the elbows.

E  Connect the shoulders to the elbows, and the elbows to the wrists.

F  Halfway between the hips and the ankles, draw two marks for the knees.

G  Connect the hips to the knees. Along these lines, draw two large ovals for the thighs.

H  Connect the knees to the ankles. Along these lines, draw smaller ovals close to the knees for the calves.

Figure 5, Draw Fashion Now


A  Extend the hair above the skull to show volume.

B  On either side of the center, along the eye line, draw two small curves for the eyelids. There should be at least one eye’s width between both eyes. Draw eyebrows above the eyes.

C  The ears are just under the eye line.

D  Widen the opening of the mouth, and then draw a small mark below it to suggest the lower lip.

E  Draw the sides of the neck so it is narrower than the jaw.

F  On the inside edge of the hands, draw the thumbs. Draw the fingers extending below the back of the hand. The length of the fingers is equal to the length of the back of the hand, and the entire hand is long enough to cover the face.

G  Draw five toes on each foot, with the largest toes by the center line.

Figure 6, Draw Fashion Now


Using the framework of lines and shapes as a guide, flesh out the figure’s body using softly curving strokes.

The limbs narrow slightly at the elbows and knees, wrists and ankles.

Figure 7, Draw Fashion Now


Using tracing or layout paper, trace the finished figure, or croquis, as it’s traditionally called in the fashion industry.

Eliminate all of the drafting lines.

While tracing, feel free to make any small adjustments to improve the figure. This is the completed front draft of the female figure.

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