How to Make Plain Sashing Strips

Have you ever noticed how a handmade quilt is built with exquisite detail? Quilting Essentials teaches you the foundations of quilting and how to build that detail into your own quilt.  Below is a step-by-step guide on how to make plain sashing strips.

Sashing, Quilting Essentials

Sashing strips frame individual quilt blocks and unify the entire quilt top. Sashing strips also change the finished size of a quilt. You can make a larger quilt from a small number of quilt blocks by adding sashing strips.

Plain sashing is a good choice for a quilt with a complex block design. Sashing with connecting squares adds more interest to a quilt. Use pieced connecting squares when the block design is less complex. The square can be any pieced design, such as a small nine-patch quilt block.

Specific measurements are not given in the instructions that follow, because the measurements are determined by the size of the blocks and the desired finished size of the quilt.

How to Make Plain Sashing Strips

Sashing 1, Quilting Essentials
1 Cut strips (page 10) to width specified in project directions. Or cut strips to desired width of sashing plus 1⁄2″ (1.3 cm) for seam allowances.

Sashing 2, Quilting Essentials

2 Measure all sides of several quilt blocks to determine the shortest measurement; cut short sashing strips to this length.

Sashing 3, Quilting Essentials

3 Stitch short sashing strips between blocks, right sides together, to form rows; do not stitch strips to ends of rows. Press seam allowances toward sashing.

Sashing 4, Quilting Essentials

4 Measure length of rows to determine shortest measurement. Cut long sashing strips to this length, piecing as necessary.

Sashing 5, Quilting Essentials

5 Mark centers of sashing strips and rows. Place one long sashing strip along bottom of one row of blocks, right sides together; match and pin centers and ends. Pin along length, easing in any excess fullness; stitch. Repeat for remaining rows, except for bottom row.

Sashing 6, Quilting Essentials

6 Align rows of blocks and mark sashing strips, as shown. Pin bottom of sashing strip to top of next row, right sides together; align marks to seamlines. Stitch as in step 5. Press seam allowances toward sashing. Continue until all rows are attached.

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