Flying Geese Quilt Block

Looking for your next DIY project?  Look no further, in The Quilt Block Book we learn how to make our own quilt blocks, like this flying geese pattern.

flying geese, The Quilt Block BookPiecing instructions

1. Foundation piece unit A. Make 2.

flying geese 2, The Quilt Block Book

2. When stitching the two units together to complete the block, reverse the direction of one of the units.

flying geese 3, The Quilt Block Book

This block is very versatile. consider using it to create an attractive pieced border.

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The Quilt Block Book Cover Art PagePacked with photographs and diagrams for 75 quilt blocks, The Quilt Block Book teaches you three basic block construction methods to get you started in the world of quilt blocks. The blocks are divided into three sections by technique: quick piecing, foundation (paper) piecing, and appliqué blocks. Each section includes basic technique instruction, followed by 25 blocks. Follow the step-by-step instructions to quickly learn the order of construction and directions for pressing seam allowances, while color diagrams of the blocks show them used in multiples so you can plan out your full quilt as you go along. The perfect mix of original designs and modern interpretations of traditional patterns, this book offers something for both the beginner and experienced quilter. Each block can be interpreted in endless fabric combinations, so you’ll gain a wealth of inspiration. Whether you choose to use the blocks for full quilts, small décor pieces, or even fashion accents is completely up to you. Links to online patterns make it easy for you to print out patterns for the blocks in the size you want. Paper-pieced blocks can be printed out on paper to go straight from printer to sewing machine; no tracing necessary. The author’s unique approach to foundation piecing provides the full patterns plus the option of individual rough-cut templates for each segment that prevent inadequate coverage. Patterns for quick-pieced and appliqué blocks include seam allowances, so you can forget about having to draw templates and add seam allowances.