Gold Leaf Antiquing Technique

Trying to get the perfect vintage look on the art piece your working on can be tricky. You can try aging the paper or create distressed looking paint. This method from 101 More Mixed Media Techniques shows you how to create a gorgeous, upscale antique look to your artwork using gold leaf!

Gold Leaf Finished, 101 More Mixed Media Techniques

The chemical changes that take place with this method give the gold leaf an antique appearance.

Gold Leaf Step 1, 101 More Mixed Media Techniques

Step One Brush acrylic medium where you want to place the gold leaf. Cut or tear the leaf and drop into place. With a soft brush gently coat the surface with the medium. Wait one minute.

Gold Leaf Step 2, 101 More Mixed Media Techniques

Step Two Tear off a piece of plastic wrap. Drop it over the gold leaf area you wish to antique. Do not rub or press. Set it aside for 20 minutes.

Gold Leaf Step 3, 101 More Mixed Media Techniques

Step Three Carefully remove the plastic. The full result will not show until it is completely dry.

Please Note:
The gold leaf in the upper half (step one) shows no effect where the plastic is not used, whereas the top picture shows the aging effect created when the gold leaf is covered with plastic wrap.

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