How to Design Manga Characters

Are you ready to create your own manga characters?  Beginning Manga shows you the steps you need to take to portray emotion and create unique manga characters.

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Characters can have many different face shapes, hairstyles, and body types. There are also tons of clothing and accessory options! Make sure your characters are cohesive. Ask yourself: Do their facial features and hairstyles reflect their personalities? Are they dressed suitably for their locations and roles?

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What Does the Face Say?
A character’s face can indicate his or her age and demeanor. For example, large, round eyes convey youth and innocence, and a small, pursed mouth looks solemn and critical.

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How About the Hair?
A timid person may hide behind his or her hair, while a no-nonsense practical person likely has a short, low-maintenance cut.

Body Type Basics
A weight lifter needs strong muscles, and a long-distance runner is leaner. Some women are curvy, while others look boyish. Think about whether a character’s build is appropriate for his or her lifestyle.

Decide the Color Scheme
Colors help convey messages about clothing and what it signifies to the wearer. For example, white can mean innocence and purity. Black may be very formal. Blue and purple are often associated with royalty.

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Finalize the Design
Once you’ve decided on your character’s full look, draw a clean front and back view of him or her, and color the drawing cleanly so you can use it as a reference.

Innovate within Reason
Strive to create characters that make sense within the context of your manga. Try to immerse yourself in your character’s role and setting so that he or she calls the shots.

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