Dare to be Different – Behind the scenes with Self.Styled

Celebrating individuality and personal style, Self.Styled showcases a select group of inspirational urbanites. While illustrating unique personal choice it explores themes of gender, colour, body shape and taste.

Representing daywear and evening wear with an outfit for both, the featured individuals from all walks of life are self-styled by author and photographer Anthony Lycett.

Anthony Lycett’s interest in people, who have a unique sense of self, inventive minds and the confidence to express themselves freely, inspired this project. Since embarking on his venture, he has photographed people from all walks of life and produced a fascinating body of work.

Immodesty Blaizeday day - Self.Styled

Are you happy the book is now out and how did you find the process of creating it?

I am happy to see my 8-year project transformed into a book that gives the viewer an exciting view into the world of these people that have the confidence to dress up.

I am happy with the book. There was a lot of back and forth concerning the selection but in the end I think it is the best selection of images for a wider audience.

Twinks Burnett day - Self.Styled

When the project started was it always the plan to turn it into a book?

Yes, I wanted to celebrate the people in the form of a book from the beginning.

What was the inspiration behind the book?

I wanted to celebrate individuality and personal style.

Was it an easy process selecting who to choose? Did you ask people to photograph them or did they contact you?

I mainly approached people who I thought their style was part of their lifestyle rather than people who dress up for a party or just at the weekend.

With social media you can get a good overview of people’s style.

Jonny Woo day - Self.Styled

Do you think being self-styled and dressing freely is now as important as ever?

I think it is important to make your own personal choices and have people accept others for their choices, unfortunately it’s seen as something negative to stand out because you are different, so I want to change people’s attitude.

Do you think too many people are just following what they see on Instagram for example?

I think its easy to follow rather than taking your own path. Most people are influenced by others and will follow the masses because of wanting to fit in.

Twink Burnett night - Self.Styled

Do you have any other projects you are currently working on? Or any plans for another book?

I am working on a project concerning addiction looking at smokers first. Also a 5-year project photographing artists in their studios in Paris and London, this project looks at the relationship between the artist and their creative space, also how contemporary art is changing due to the cost of living in cities, such as London and Paris.

Then another 5 year project looking at my mothers illness with Alzheimer’s.

Written by Stacey Cleworth

Self.Styled Front Cover


Self Styled is a colourful celebration of freedom of expression, diversity and individualism through personal style. Showcasing photgraphic diptychs of a select group of fabulous people, every page illustrates unique personal choices while implicitly exploring themes such as gender, colour, body shape, and taste.

Photographs by Anthony Lycett

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