Woven Washi Baskets

Jazz up your space with these adorable washi tape woven baskets from Paper + Tape: Craft & Create. They’re perfect for storing desk supplies, makeup accessories, or other odds and ends! The best part is that you can personalize them with whichever washi tape you love most. The possibilities are endless!


Weave colorful containers to hold your desktop supplies, and put your favorite washi tapes on display. Inspired by classic square baskets, this project uses a unique construction technique that results in crisp square edges. These containers look just as pretty with a combination of patterns as they do in solid colors, as shown here.

• White or cream card stock (81/2″ x 11″)
• Washi tape (standard 5/8″ wide)
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Pencil
• Bone folder
• Glue


Apply strips of washi tape along the length of a piece of white or cream card stock, and cut out the strips. You will need approximately 12 to 16 strips for each container.


Choose eight strips for the base of the container. Place one strip facedown in front of you. Lay the ruler on top, aligning the left edge of the strip with the zero point on the ruler. Make a small mark at the 4¼” and 6¾” points. Using the bone folder, score and fold the strip at these two points. Repeat with the other seven strips. Set aside.


On the back of the remaining strips, make a small mark at the ½”, 3″, 5½” , 8″, and 10½” points. Using the bone folder, score and fold the strips at each of these points.


Fold each of the strips from step 3 into a square. Overlap the extra ½” piece at each end and glue into place. Set aside.


Next form the base of the container, using the original eight strips. Lay four strips horizontally. Weave in the other four strips vertically, using an over/under basketweave pattern. Gently push the strips together to eliminate spaces between them.


Flip base over, and fold up every other strip. Slide the first square strip (from step 4) over the vertical strips and onto the base. Fold up the other base strips so that they overlap the square. Make sure that the glued end of the square is hidden behind one of the overlapping vertical strips.


Continue adding the squares. Alternate the vertical strips in a basket-weave pattern until the container is as high as you like. When all the strips are in place, gently tug each vertical strip upward to tighten it.


Starting with the bottommost square, carefully push each square strip down toward the base to eliminate extra spaces. Cut the vertical strips approximately ½” above the top of the container. Fold the outer vertical strips over the top and glue into position inside the container. Fold the inner vertical strips over the top of the container to crease, and then glue into position on the inside. Let the glue dry thoroughly before using.

Want to add some cute washi flavor to your springtime table? Transform your container into a basket with a simple handle. Tape a strip of washitape-covered card stock to the inside of the basket. For added strength, staple the handle on each side of the basket. Fill with shredded paper and candy or small toys. For an extra-special touch, add handwritten name cards, and use as decorative place settings.


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