Paper Dolphin Snowflake

There is only one thing that is more magical than a snowflake… a paper animal snowflake!  It’s amazing when the exact, mystical turn of your scissors in a pattern can create a gorgeous pattern of your favorite animal!100 Amazing Paper Animal Snowflakes shows you how to make TONS of amazing paper animal snowflakes, like this adorable dolphin. Give it a try!



Children love these dancing dolphins. Be sure to cut the smile.


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100 Amazing Paper Animal Snowflakes Cover Art Page

Create endless animal themed snowflakes with the unique and imaginative templates that crafters and artists will love!

Let it snow–animals! In 100 Amazing Paper Animal Snowflakes, artist and teacher Marion Nichols proves that this popular form of papercutting can yield far more than just pretty geometric designs. Crafters young and old can create her astonishing animal-themed designs by photocopying the full-sized templates, then folding and cutting along preprinted guidelines. The templates range in complexity from easy to challenging, so papercrafters of all ages and at all skill levels can snip these fantastic flakes. Eight of the designs are also printed on colored paper, all ready to fold and cut.