Aaron Knoll’s Top 10 Gins

Gin author Aaron Knoll knows a thing or two about the beverage. He’s reviewed over 200 different brands and types of gin on his website, TheGinIsIn.com. After tasting so many different gins, could he possibly pick his top 10? He could, and he did. Check out the list below to see his recommendations for the best brands of gin on this planet.

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1. Barr Hill Gin
45% ABV (USA)


2. Citadelle Réserve Gin (2013)
44% ABV (France)


3. Dorothy Parker
44% ABV (USA)


4. Halcyon Gin
46% ABV (USA)


5. Hernö Juniper Cask Gin (Batch 5)
47% ABV (Sweden)


6. Pink Pepper Gin
44% ABV (France)


7. Plymouth Gin
41.2% ABV (UK)


8. St. George Terroir Gin
45% ABV (USA)


9. Sipsmith VJOP
57.7% ABV (UK)


10. Vor Gin
47% ABV (Iceland)

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