Submission Guidelines
Thank you for your interest in Quarto Publishing Group.

Each of our imprints has its own editorial focus and fits into one of the categories below. To ensure that your book proposal winds up in the right hands, please take a moment to review each category to determine where your book best fits. Submitting to the category will send your idea to multiple imprints. If your book idea fits into our focus areas we will contact you for more details. Please bear in mind that we receive a large number of unsolicited manuscripts, so our response time may vary and we ask for your patience.

By submitting to us you acknowledge that we may currently be developing, or may plan to develop in the future, books based on similar internal ideas and/or based on previous submissions already in receipt that may be similar to your proposed idea or anything included in your submission.

Quarto Publishing Categories
Visit the sections of our bookstore to see the types of titles we publish in each interest area. When you have decided where your book fits best, send your completed proposal (including all required elements listed below along with the signed submission agreement ) to the appropriate submission email address.

Quarto Cooks (Food & Drink)

Quarto Creates (Design, Art & Craft)

Quarto Drives (Cars, Trains, Boats, Motorcycles & Planes)

Quarto Explores (Biography, Travel, History & Space)

Quarto Gifts (Stationery, Kits, Calendars)

Quarto Homes (Interiors, Architecture, DIY, Pets & Gardening)

Quarto Kids (Children’s)

Quarto Lives (Body, Mind, Spirit, Parenting & Relationships)

Quarto Plays (Sports & Sports Fans)

Quarto Thinks (Classics, Humor, Poetry, Pop Culture)

Your Book Proposal
Book proposals must contain, at minimum, the items listed below. Remember to include a signed submission agreement with your proposal. When complete, email your submission to the appropriate submission email address above.
1. A paragraph introducing the author/designer, including

  • Qualifications for writing a book on the proposed subject
  • Information on book(s) previously authored
  • Information about the publisher, publication date, and sales figures for each book previously authored
  • Level of author presence in his/her respective communities among networks and in social media

2. An overview of the proposed idea/concept, including

  • Proposed book title and subtitle
  • Detailed description of subject matter
  • Table of Contents or detailed outline
  • Description of material planned for each chapter and projects listed in the Table of Contents
  • Anticipated completion date

3. Visual materials that communicate the tone and concept, including

  • Artwork and/or photographs
  • Cover mockups
  • Page layout mockups
  • Diagrams, charts, or other supporting material

4. Market information, including

  • Proposed audience
  • Proposed sales channels (distributors, retailers, etc.)
  • Comprehensive list of competitive titles in print
  • Plans for promoting the book before and after print (e.g., blogging, social media, interviews, signings, etc.)
  • Elements that will set this book apart from the competition

5. Signed Submission Agreement