Our Culture


Our products come in all shapes and sizes and are read by customers from all walks of life – as such, we work to attract and retain the best people who are as diverse as our customers and products! 

Equality & Fairness

While each of our several geographies is unique, we strive for our people policies to be globally fair and equal, and supportive of each other.


Corporate Sustainability

We believe Quarto’s responsibility is to create and sustain an economically sound and prosperous business, producing quality products that stand the test of time. In cooperation with all of our stakeholders we strive to create a sustainable future.


Corporate Responsibility

Quarto aims to make positive social contributions through sharing our love of books and reading with the world. We donate our books to a wide variety of charities. We continue to build on our efforts and are looking into further ways to support our people in volunteering in local reading programs, allowing our employees paid time away from work to volunteer to help improve literacy, and encourage our different locales to direct their own community efforts where they can be most effective.


Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to being a responsible partner with our suppliers and we ensure that our products are produced in a manner that respects international and local regulations and minimizes the consumption of resources. In each of our locales we work to improve the environmental performance, recycle as practicable, and always look for ways to improve in these areas.


Product Safety

Quarto, together with our partners, works to ensure our products are created to the highest possible safety standards for our customers.