Our PeopleOur People

We love making great books and more than 400 people across the world help Quarto succeed in doing this. We have more than 20 offices in five countries and publish our books in many more. The Quarto brand is built upon our people and their creative talents. It is our people who give Quarto its heart and who shape our culture and create our many wonderful books.

People are our greatest asset and as such, we believe that treating them with respect, providing consistent and fair policies and allowing them the freedom to be themselves helps to demonstrate the value we hold them in. Quarto is too human to be truly corporate, our businesses are too individual; however, we try and create a culture in which all our people flourish.

Our culture is a key indicator of how we treat each other and the behaviors we want to be known for. With this in mind, we operate under a set of values that focus on what we want to BE.

These values shape the way we do business and we select people to work for and with us who share these same values and passions. Feedback from our customers on which of our books are selling is a vital part of our business. So is feedback from our employees. To continue to build the culture we strive for, feedback is important, and through a mixture of formal and informal channels we continue to seek feedback that highlight things we can work on. To support our mission to educate, entertain and enrich the lives of our readers, putting books in their hands, wherever, however and whenever they choose, we need exceptional people!