The Cardmaker's Workbook
  1. Click on a link below to download a project template in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. (Download Acrobat Reader if you don't already have it.)
  2. Load your printer with some plain white paper. This will be your test paper. Print the template onto the paper and see how it looks.
  3. Load the paper tray with the paper needed for the project you wish to make.
  4. Print out the template and follow the project directions for trimming and folding.

page 17 and 18: Dress and Dress Form template

page 43: Composition Card #1, Label Holder Template

page 49: Composition Card #2, Banner

page 65: Color Theory, card #1

page 67: Color Theory, Card #2, Tag

page 69: Color Theory, Card #3, Sailboat

page 69: Color Theory, Card #4, Heart

page 73: Color Theory, Card #5, Tag

page 74: Color Theory, Card #6, Branch

page 75: Color Theory, Card #7, Tag

page 77: Color Theory, Card #8, Flowers and Brackets

Color Theory, Card #9, "1"

page 81: Composition, Card #2, Banner Template

page 87: Construction Study, Card #1 Package Template

page 88: Construction Study, Card #2 Pocket Template

page 95 Construction Study, Card #3, Flower Template

page 115: Supply Inspiration, Card #1, House Template

page 117: Supply Inspiration, Card #2, Road and Horizon Template

page 137: Card Folio Template

Bonus Templates!
Here are some extra design elements to use in your cardmaking

Envelope 1

Envelope 2

Envelope 3

Petal Envelope

Petal Envelope 2

Petal Envelope 3

Extra Sayings

Extra Sayings 2

Extra Sayings 3

Extra Trophy

Extra Tools

Extra Spider

Extra Stadium

Extra Plane with Message

Extra Ship

Extra Bike