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The 50 States: Fun Facts
by Gabrielle Balkan

Pack your bags and take the journey of a lifetime!

Spot the Mistake Land of Long Ago
by Amanda Wood, Mike Jolley

Test your knowledge of history and spot 20 mistakes in every scene.

Cover of Labyrinth 9781847809988Labyrinth

by Theo Guignard

Find your way through 14 supremely unique, magical mazes.

Cover of Atlas of Adventures 9781847806956Atlas of Adventures

by Rachel Williams

Kids will experience every part of the globe right from the living room.


Cover of Atlas of Adventures Activity Fun Pack 9781847807335Atlas of Adventures Activity Fun Pack

by Lucy Letherland

Packed with stickers, maps, cultural activities, and adventures.

aAtlas of Animal Adventures

by Rachel Williams, Emily Hawkins

Over 30 scenes of animals who live in extraordinary ways.

Tip Toe TigerCover of Tip Toe Tiger 9781682970508

by Surya Sajnani

See Tiger tip toe through the day, taking care of forest friends.

Cover of Pitter Patter Penguin 9781682970515

Pitter Patter Penguin

by Surya Sajnani

Watch Penguin hop from page to page and meet Arctic friends.

Cover of 51 Things to Make with Egg Cartons 978168297004151 Things to Make with Egg Cartons

by Fiona Hayes

Put empty egg cartons to creative use with crafty, kid-friendly projects!

Cover of 51 Things to Make with Cardboard Tubes 978168297005851 Things to Make with Cardboard Tubes

by Fiona Hayes

Make giraffes, air planes, squirrels and lots more with cardboard tubes!

Cover of Ranger Kick Kids' Guide to Camping Ranger Rick Kids' Guide to Camping

by Walter Foster Jr. Creative Team

Get up, get out, and enjoy the outdoors with friends and family.

Cover of Ranger Rick Kids' Guide to FishingRanger Ricks Kids' Guide to Fishing

by Walter Foster Jr. Creative Team

Learn where to fish, how to identify fish, and what tackle to use.

Cover of Outdoor Science Lab for Kids 9781631591150Outdoor Science Lab for Kids

by Liz Lee Heinecke

Learn physics, chemistry, and biology in your backyard!

Cover of Kitchen Science Lab for Kids 9781592539253Kitchen Science Lab for Kids

by Liz Lee Heinecke

Safe, fun, and exciting science experiments to do in your kitchen.

Cover of Art Lab for Kids 9781592537655Art Lab for Kids

by Susan Schwake

A refreshing, colorful, and inspired book of art experiences.

Cover of Gardening Lab for Kids 9781592539048Gardening Lab for Kids

by Renata Brown

Get outside and get growing with 52 plant-related activities!

Astronomy Lab for KidsAstronomy Lab for Kids

by Michelle Nichols

Introduce children to the wonders of the galaxy with hands-on activities.

Cover of 101 Things to Do Outside 9781633220805101 Things to Do Outside

by Creative Team of Weldon Owen

The perfect checklist for kids who don't know what to do this summer.

Cover of Outside 9781847807694Outside

by Maria Ana Peixe Dias

Jump off the couch and start exploring all the things there are to do in the world outside!

Cover my My Sunflower 9781633220843My Sunflower

by Martin Taylor, Mar Ferrero

Young children will learn gardening basics by growing their own sunflower.

Cover of Little Collectors: Nature Art 9781847807724Little Collectors: Nature Art

by Jenny Bowers

Explore and collect in the great outdoors with this activity pack. 

Cover of Little Collectors: Animal Art 9781847807731Little Collectors: Animal Art

by Jenny Bowers

Discover and collect all that the natural world has to offer.

Cover of Wild Adventures 9781847807540Wild Adventures

by Brita Granstrom, Mick Manning

Encourage awareness of the natural world for the whole family.

Cover of 23 Ways to Be an Eco Hero 978160992921323 Ways to Be an Eco Hero

by Isabel Thomas

Tons of step-by-step projects for crafty kids to learn The Three Rs.

Cover of Weekendtivity 9781682971437Weekendivity

by Fiona Hayes

Twenty-five activities to keep kids off the computer and smartphone!

Cover of 50 Evening Adventures 978071123755150 Evening Adventures

by The Meek Family

50 exciting adventures for families to share after school and work.

Cover of the Geeky Chef 9781631060496The Geeky Chef Cookbook

by Cassandra Reeder

Real recipes from books, TV, movies, and video games.

Cover of Yummy Crochet 9780760353257Yummy Crochet

by Kristen Rask

Crochet twelve yummy food friends with step-by-step instructions.


Cover of Teeny Tiny Animal Crochet 9780760353226Teeny Tiny Animal Crochet

by Kristen Rask

Create an adorable collection of cute and colorful animal pals.

Cover of Woodland Crochet 9780760353240Woodland Crochet

by Kristen Rask

Bring forest friends inside with this collection of 12 easy-to-follow projects. 

Cover of Winnie the Pooh Crochet 9780760353233Winnie the Pooh Crochet

by Megan Kreiner

Bring Pooh Bear and friends to life as snuggly crochet plushes. 

Cover of Creature Crochet 9780760353097Creature Crochet

by Kristen Rask

Crochet adorably cute alley cats, hedgehogs, tropical kissing fish, and 9 other projects. 

Cover of Everyday Macrame 9780760353110Everyday Macrame Kit

by Justine Vasquez

The vintage art of cord tying has had a revival. Macrame is back! 

Cover of Sew Cute Embroidery Kit 9780760353141Sew Cute Embroidery Kit

by Kelly Fletcher

These colorful and sweet projects put a new spin on embroidery. 

Cover of Sew Boho 9780760353134Sew Boho

by Kelly Fletcher

A beginner friendly kit for making boho-chic patterns on dresses, bags, and more. 

Cover for She Sheds 9781591866770She Sheds

by Erika Kotite

Create your very own hideaway right at home, it just takes a little inspiration.

Cover of Building with Secondhand Stuff 2nd Edition 9781591866817Building with Secondhand Stuff, 2nd Edition

by Chris Peterson

Remodel with salvaged materials to go green and save money.

Cover of Easy Home Furniture Projects 9781591866695Easy Home Furniture Projects

by Editors of Cool Springs Press

This massive book of step-by-step plans has a project for everyone.

Cover of Creative Lettering and Beyond 9781600583971Creative Lettering and Beyond

by Gabri J. Kirkendall

Transform simple words and phrases into stylish, letter art.

Cover of Adventures in Lettering 9781633221734Adventures in Lettering

by Dawn N. Warnaar

The ultimate hand-lettering workshop for young creatives!

Cover of Art Workshop for Children 9781631591433Art Workshop for Children

by Barbara Rucci

Children won't just follow guided projects, they'll discover art.

Cover of 101 Ways to Gross Out Your Friends 9781633221680101 Ways to Gross Out Your Friends

by Julie Huffman

Science activities, jokes, and facts for the young, irreverent scientist.

Cover of Cook Me a Story 9781633220669Cook Me a Story

by Bryan Kozlowski

A unique mashup of the magic of storytelling the fun of cooking.

Cover of How to Cook in 10 Easy LessonsHow to Cook in 10 Easy Lessons

by Wendy Sweetser

A fun way for young chefs to learn their way around the kitchen. 

Cover of 50 Things You Should Know About Music 978168297022550 Things You Should Know About Music

by Rob Baker

Everything you need to know about music in 50 bite-sized chunks.

Cover of Energy Lab for Kids 9781631592508Energy Lab for Kids

by Emily Hawbaker

Tomorrow's engineers will make their first breakthroughs here!